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Same (art) directions / Carton jaune! (sur fond rouge)

Mc Donald’s “90 m” – 2015
Source : Czech ADC Bronze
Agency : DDB (Czech Republic)
Mc Donald’s “on your left” – 2018
Source : Cannes Outdoor GRAND-PRIX
Agency : Cossette Toronto (Canada)

Eng “If you have a closer look and follow the arches... you'll finally arrive at the very same creative destination! Mc Donald's, once more, paid two different agencies to get an identical out of home advertising idea.”

Fr « En y regardant de plus près on se rend compte que suivre les arches mène toujours au même endroit... et à la même idée. Mc Donalds's a (encore une fois) payé deux agences pour se faire revendre la même idée. Et... M!!! »

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  • Joe La Pompe

    03.09.2018 - 18:05

    Pour info en 1995, Mc Donald’s avait déjà fait une campagne dans ce style minimaliste (jouant avec des détails de sa fameuse arche) en australie :

  • Yar

    04.12.2018 - 20:00

    When a company copies from itself I hardly if at all count is as copying. Also, it could very much be that the brief was:

    This X agency in Y country did some great work, we got approval to re-use the idea, just make it look better”.


  • Joe La Pompe

    04.13.2018 - 11:02

    I’m pretty sure it didn’t happened like that. They’ve probably never heard about this Czech Republic campaign… it was presented as if it was a “new” idea.

  • Alea

    05.09.2018 - 17:05

    Well, actually it did happen more or less like that.

  • Mat

    06.26.2018 - 21:07

    It’s not that “great minds think the same” in certain situations people just come up with similar solutions to the same problems. That’s it. It only proves that this Grand Prix is not fresh enough. But I’m sure they haven’t seen the original works.

    I always do a research about an idea to see if it was done before or not, but you simply cannot know all works from around the world. No archive gives you that.

    This year’s Cannes is full of such incidents. Honda Next Door, an outdoor silver is 1:1 same idea like this shortlisted a few years back:

    In general, yesterday’s shortlist is today’s Grand Prix and the level of works is declining every year.

  • Joe La Pompe

    06.27.2018 - 9:12

    @Mat I agree with you, it’s probably not a copycat, but when you deal with a “Grand-Prix” you better watch out if it’s original or fresh enough as you said. I blame the jury and Cannes Lions organisation not to run any priority search in that case.
    Wow I didn’t knew about the Residential Showroom… pretty identical indeed!

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