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Cheeseburger made with clothes / Jusqu’à plus faim?

hamburger2006 hamburger2009
Tide laundry detergent – 2005
Source : Cannes Lions
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Agency : Saatchi & Saatchi (USA)
Vanish detergent – 2009
Source : Adsoftheworld
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Agency : Euro RSCG (Poland)
McDo Rosti – 2023
Source : Linkedin
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DDB (Slovenia)

Eng “The visual idea: a cheeseburger made from folded warm clothes. Discover 3 additional examples of the same idea in the book "Nouveau?" by Joelapompe published back in 2008 by Télémaque / CB News, available in second hand bookstores (mostly in France I must admit). Copycat or coincidence?”

Fr « Une idée de fast food qui sent bon le réchauffé! J'avais déjà épinglé 3 exemples similaires de la même idée dans le livre collector "Nouveau?", paru en 2008 aux éditions Télémaque / CB News, disponible en librairie seconde main, le bon coin et autre bibliothèque d'agence de pub.  »

Be the judge!

  • Don’t delete my message

    06.23.2023 - 9:13

    Making money on defamation… great job man! (And don’t delete my message this time. Thanks)

  • Joe La Pompe

    06.23.2023 - 9:33

    OK man you’re free to express yourself here as anybody. But you’re wrong : This blog is totally free I don’t make money out of it. The ads just pay for the web hosting. And I don’t do « defamation ». It’s your point of view. I do iconographic searches and I expose my findings. I give a choice to viewers to think what they want…

  • Don’t delete my message

    06.23.2023 - 15:11

    I’m not free because my fist message was deleted.

    When your name is « Joe La Pompe » and your headline “Masked to unmask copycats.” you don’t just « expose your findings ». You suggest that these are copycats.

    And so if you’re not making money, I suppose that your Book is free, right ?
    Oops, your ad says that it’s for sell on Maison Moderne for 40€…

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