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“Masked to unmask copycats.”

Bookmark made with a Kit Kat / Pas de pause pour les copycats?

Kit Kat “Have a Break” – 2002
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Source : Adeevee
Agency : Lowe Bangkok (Thaïland)
Kit Kat “Have a Break” – 2021
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Source : Ad Forum, Adsoftheworld
Agency : Wunderman Thompson Dubaï (UAE)

Eng “Some creative people may need a break. They've just recycled and slightly updated a 20 years old idea made by another agency. The result is a bit better but also very very identical. Is that a coincidence or a copy"Kat"? Be the judge!”

Fr « Certains créatifs devraient peut-être faire un break. Car là ils essayent de fourguer aux jurys internationaux cette vieille idée à peine remaquillée comme étant neuve. Celle de 2021 est un peu meilleure il faut l'admettre, mais est-ce suffisant pour masquer la copie? Coïncidence ou copy"Kat" ? À vous de juger! »

Be the judge!

  • Dick Van Dyke

    12.06.2021 - 18:48

    The second one doesn’t even make sense. Why would you take a break from your hobby? From something you enjoy. Taking a break from your diet in the original is miles better.

  • Joe La Pompe

    12.06.2021 - 18:53

    @Dick I guess it’s because the 2nd ad ran during the lockdown due to covid-19 and people were forced to do this kind of stuff… but I guess they had preferred to do something else instead. That’s just how I see it

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