Joe la Pompe, since 1999

“Masked to unmask copycats.”

A little to close to the original? / Un peu trop proche?

Road Safety – Cellucom – 2009
“Concentrate on the road, not your conversation”
Source : Act Responsible Tribute
Agency : Memac Ogilvy Dubaï (UAE)
Road Safety – Die Johanniter – 2020
“Every call takes your visibility”
Source : Adsoftheworld
Agency : Wefra Life (Germany)

Eng “These two road safety ads are a bit too close to each other. Same idea, same execution... I don't understand why they send it to websites such as adsoftheworld that showcase creativity and put their names on it. Very mysterious...”

Fr « Entre ces deux créations le rapprochement est évident! Ça ne serait que moi le juge je mettrais immédiatement un zéro de conduite, avec retrait du permis de travailler en agence. »

Be the judge!


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