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A product turned into caviar / Si identique que ça fout les boules

Carlsberg Beer Caviar – 2018
“Caviar made from beer”
Made during russian soccer world-cup
Agency : CP+B Copenhagen (Denmark)
Heinz Ketchup Caviar – 2019
“Caviar made from ketchup »
Made for Valentine’s Day (Valent-Heinz day)
Agency : Unknown (USA)

Eng “Many press articles highlighted the incredible innovation made by Heinz, which turned his ketchup into caviar for Valentine's Day. But they forgot to mention that Carlsberg had done the very same trick one year ago! Copy or coincidence? In any case, it's an innovation that is not so innovative.”

Fr « De nombreux articles de presse ont souligne l'incroyable innovation de Heinz qui a transformé son ketchup en caviar pour la Saint-Valentin, en omettant de signaler que Carlsberg avait fait exactement la même chose avec son produit un an auparavant. Copie ou coïncidence? Voilà encore une innovation qui n'est pas si innovante que ça... »

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