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French Fries pedestrian crossing / une originalité qui s’effrite?

Mc Donald’s – 2010
Source : Coloribus

Agency : TBWA Zurich (Switzerland)
Mc Donald’s / Newport City Mall – 2018
Source : We The Public, Abodo Magazine
Agency : Unknown (Philippines)

Eng “I don't really know what happened in the Philippines, but one thing is sure, the one from Manila doesn't come from a TBWA network agency. So I guess that the street artist / agency or creative that re-used this idea never asked for any permission. I've looked over all press articles about this guerrilla stunt and surprisingly none is quoting the original work made in Switzerland...”

Fr « Je ne sais pas exactement qui a conçu ce passage piéton aux Philippines (street artiste, agence de pub ou créatif free lance) toujours est-il que ce n'est vraisemblablement pas l'agence TBWA locale (qui n'a pas le budget Mc Do) et que tous les articles à son sujet, présentent cette œuvre comme originale, sans faire nulle mention de la réalisation Suisse faite 8 ans auparavant. »

Be the judge!

  • Ash

    08.20.2018 - 6:45

    It’s not hard to come up an idea like that — taking the shape of crossroad into fries… If your client is in fast-food industry, what you do each day is trying to connect the shape of fries into anything you can see in your daily life… Crossroad, bench on the beach, fingers…. anything stripe-like.

  • Joe La Pompe

    08.23.2018 - 15:36

    I agree with you. But the first one was very famous. It got awards and was printed in many books and educational manuals and annuals worldwide… so, why doing it again, pretending it’s a new idea?

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