Joe la Pompe, since 1999

“Masked to unmask copycats.”

A contagious idea? / Sang pour sang identique?

infected2015 infected2015b
Life Support Group – Aids Awareness2015
Poster printed with HIV+ blood infused ink
Source : Youtube Case Study
Agency : Ogilvy (Brazil)
Vanguardist – Aids Awareness – 2015
Magazine printed with HIV+ blood infused ink
Source :
Agency : Saatchi & Saatchi (Switzerland)

Eng “Both of these "impossible but true" and very innovative projects had been brought to life at the very same time. It's quite suspicious but it's no big deal as long as it's for good causes. How do you call a world premiere that's been done twice? Is it another example of similar thinking or the inspiration came from something else? ”

Fr « Une idée pour le moins contagieuse. Manque de veine, les deux campagnes sont sorties pile en même temps. C'est assez étrange pour être souligné, pourtant ça arrive souvent. Sang nul doute une idée dans l'air du temps...  »

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