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Same Idea Warning / Fallait-il fermer les yeux?

Volkswagen Golf “With lane assist” 04/2014
Source : Adeevee

Agency : GMP Bucharest (Romania)
Nissan “Lane departure warning” – 07/2014
Source : YouTube
Agency : TBWA (USA)


Eng “Speaking about "Innovation that excites" (which is Nissan claim) I'm not that much excited by this creative innovation. The media is different but the idea remains the same.”

Fr « Carambolage automobile avec ces deux idées identiques pour des marques concurrentes. Ça sent la fatigue? En espérant que les jurys créatifs ne se laissent pas endormir. »

Be the judge!

  • Jan

    01.21.2015 - 19:45

    I think the ideas look similar, but are different. The first one is about a girl departing the “relationship lane” while her boyfriend is asleep. The other is about departing a “seat lane” when falling asleep. Perhaps the latter one was inspired by the original, but I wouldn’t call it a clear copycat.

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