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Just an illusion? / L’illusion de la créativité?

illusionOriginal - copie illusionRecyclage
Funny visual illusion – Before 2013
Source :, BuzzFeed, Reddit
Author : unknown
Volkswagen 360° camera – 2014
Source : Press SILVER LION
Agency : DDB Barcelona (Spain)


Eng “I can't say you don't have the right to be inspired by things you see on the internet. But what a lazy way, to say the least, to do advertising. Where is the creative imput? I remember a time when admen tryed to find new ideas by themselves.”

Fr « Ça trompe peut-être bien l'œil, mais pas le mien! Cette idée visuelle, pourtant très amusante n'a hélas rien d'original. Il n'est pas interdit de trouver des idées sur le net, mais ici quelle est la valeur ajoutée par les créatifs? Bref, rien de nouveau sous le soleil. »

Be the judge!

  • yar

    11.29.2014 - 12:35

    The worst thing?
    They weren’t just ‘inspired’ by the internet photo, they copied it 1-to-1 with the same angles same view same light same clothing…
    It looks like they wanted people to know they are copycats.
    Too bad the credit on the ad didn’t go to the original image photographer

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