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Same Idea Delivered Twice / Deuxième Service

delivery2008 delivery2011
Volkswagen Cross Polo – 2008
Source : Cannes Archive Online,
Agency : DDB Berlin (Germany)
Volkswagen Tiguan – 2011
Source : WeloveAd
Agency : DDB Sydney (Australia)

Eng “What is very interesting in this case, beyond the fact that both DDB agencies sold the same idea to the same client for 2 different cars, is the staging (positioning of the elements). Indeed in one case the idea is put forward, and the product is small. In the second case, the product is in front and the idea in the background.”

Fr « Ce qui est très intéressant dans ce cas, au delà du fait que deux agences du réseau DDB ont vendu la même idée au même client pour deux voitures différentes, c'est la mise en scène. En effet dans un cas l'idée est mise en avant, et le produit est en petit. Dans le 2e cas, le produit est en avant et l'idée en arrière plan. »

Be the judge!

  • John Carmac

    11.23.2011 - 12:19

    As someone who works for DDB, I believe you should have done better research. The idea behind the second print was to provide a continuity or a connection with the old print. In fact, both were created by the same team.

  • Advertising on Taxis

    11.23.2011 - 14:20

    well, both look like same as john mentioned above that both are created by the same company, however, it might have saved some bucks but if there was an energetic advertisement it should have enhanced the sales of the company

    ~Aansy Stone

  • Nick Simard

    06.06.2012 - 2:48

    well, the continent is changed and the time as well. so. i think its fine to go with same idea for another continent. however, i think this would have saved the cost of FRESH advertisement.

    Nick @Media Buying Agency

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