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Haircut-copy / Pile poil identique!

marge marge2
We Angel Hair Stylist – 2005
Headline : You’re all about your haircut
Agency : Lowe (Brazil)
Marcia Cosméticos – 2010
Headline : “Your hair says who you are. Take care of it”.
Agency : Agência 3 Comunicacao (Brazil)

Eng “"No comment" would probably be the best way to illustrate this case. I just don't understand one thing : How could you recycle an idea in the very same country?”

Fr « Joli crêpage de chignons en perspective... je ne comprends pas comment "Agencia3" a pu recycler une idée sortie quelques années auparavant dans son propre pays... ça me la "coupe". »

Be the judge!

  • Gabriel

    03.28.2011 - 20:46

    Unfortunatelly, the second ad is from a small agency with a small/local client. I think they’ve never heard there’s such thing like the internet…

  • Zig

    03.29.2011 - 10:17

    C’est du coupé collé ! 😀

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