Chewing Bag / Manquent pas d’air

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airbag98.jpg THE ORIGINAL
Ford Fiesta 1998
Source : Cannes Lions Archive.
Agency : Harvest Advertising (Chine)
airbag2007.jpg LESS ORIGINAL
Big Babol Chewing Gum – 2007
Source : Goafest Festival SILVER Medal,
Agency : Team McCann (India)
airbag2007b.jpg LESS ORIGINAL
Bazooka Chewing Gum – 2007
Source : Adsoftheworld
Agency : Duval Guillaume, Brussels (Belgium)

[...] Joe La Pompe presents two earlier versions of the same idea, one for Babol chewing gum in 2007, and an earlier poster for the Ford Fiesta in 1998. Share and Enjoy: [...]

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