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A KFC TV ad strongly inspired by The Simpsons? / Homer-de alors!

The Simpsons « Space Chips » episode – 1994
Music : The Blue Danube by Johann Strauss
Source : Watch the video (YouTube)
Created by David Mirkin , Matt Groening (USA)
KFC TV Ad « Music for your craving » – 2024
Music : The Blue Danube by Johann Strauss
Source : Ad Latina / Watch the TV commercial (YouTube)
Agency : Hello México City (Mexico)

Eng “The creative idea: reinterpret Johann Strauss's famous waltz "the Blue Danube" (used in Kubrick's famous Space Odyssey) by punctuating it with crunchy chewing noises. Impossible to believe that this film was not directly inspired by the legendary "space chips" episode of The Simpsons! Plagiarism, lazy remake or simple coincidence? Be the judge!”

Fr « L'idée créative : réinterpréter la célèbre valse de Johann Strauss "le Danube bleu" (utilisée dans la fameuse Odyssée de l'espace de Kubrick) en la rythmant avec des bruits de mastication croustillantes. Impossible de croire que ce film n'a pas été directement inspiré par l'épisode mythique des Simpsons intitulé "space chips". Plagiat, clin d'œil ou simple coïncidence? À vous de juger! »

Be the judge!

  • Eric LaMont

    04.06.2024 - 22:10

    Seriously, do us ad men have to keep track on all 767 Simpsons episodes that been done now too? It’s hard enough to check against all award archives as it is to make sure an idea have t been done before

  • Joe La Pompe

    04.08.2024 - 10:19

    @Eric I see your point. But this episode is supposed to be (it’s what’s written on wikipedia) one of the most famous one of all times. There are plenty of videos of this precise scene all over YouTube. So it’s pretty easy to find the reference.

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