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A schedule in vacation mode / Hasard de calendrier?

Sodexo – 2022
Never miss the most important.
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Golden Drum Shortlist

Ag : Leo Burnett (Czech Rep)
Fiji Tourism Board – 2023
Open for happiness every day.
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Source : OOH Mag
Agency : The Hallway (Australia)

Eng “The creative idea: a google calendar-style timetable with filled boxes reminiscent of a holiday image. Originality level is back to square one. The Australian creative team is in desperate need for vacations! Copy or coincidence? Your turn to judge!”

Fr « L'idée créative : un emploi du temps style google calendar dont les cases remplies font penser à une image de vacances. Niveau originalité c'est retour à la case départ. Pas de vacances pour la pompe ou hasard de calendrier? À vous de juger! »

Be the judge!

  • Let me google it

    04.14.2023 - 9:23

    The work on the left has no Golden Drum Award. It was just shortlisted. It is a copy of award winning (D&AD) work by McCANN UK for Ethos Travel 🙂

  • Joe La Pompe

    04.17.2023 - 11:05

    I remember those Ethos Travel posters and they are great (probably better than these ones by the way!) but it’s not 100% the same. It’s also a creative use of calendars but in a slightly different way. It shows messages not images…

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