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Flipped bottle label to take selfies / Images miroir?

Cristal Beer – #Cristalgram – 2019
“Limited edition bottle with a flipped label”
via : Behance,
Ojo de Iberoamerica BRONZE
Agency : VML Young & Rubicam (Peru)
Budweiser – « Selfie Bud » – 2020
“Limited edition bottle with a flipped label”
Source : Bustle, Cannes Lions SHORTLIST
Agency : Jones Knowles Ritchie (USA)

Eng “The creative idea is identical : Usually when people take a selfie with a product, the brand appears reversed. So, to solve this, they created a limited edition flipped backward bottle label. It's a bottle label specifically made for taking selfies. So, the brand appears correctly on the picture.”

Fr « L'idée est identique : généralement, lorsque les gens prennent un selfie avec un produit, la marque apparaît inversée. Donc, pour résoudre ce (très grave) problème, ils ont créé une étiquette inversée en édition limitée. C'est une étiquette de bouteille spécialement conçue pour prendre des selfies et que la marque apparaisse à l'endroit! »

Be the judge!

  • massimo

    04.18.2020 - 4:58

    Did crystalgram actual get produced? Because ABinBev said it was never consumer facing, so when coming up with idea how could anyone else know it had been done?

  • Joe La Pompe

    04.18.2020 - 17:09

    I don’t know but seems like Cristalgram was awarded RONZE at Ojo de Iberoamerica. So it can easily be found on the internet…

  • Eme

    08.23.2021 - 22:53

    I am from Peru and I saw the campaign on air, I even got one of those bottles, so it was a real, produced and consumer-facing action. Trust me.

  • HS

    10.13.2021 - 1:05

    ugh sorry but it not a copy real sorry joe ok

  • Joe La Pompe

    10.13.2021 - 9:49

    @HS I’m not the judge. You are free to vote if you think it’s a coincidence. I just showcase the striking lookalike

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