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Same landscape, different prize / Ailleurs c’est pareil?

Philippines Tourism – 2011
“Just as beautiful,
just not as expensive”
Source : Cannes Lions BRONZE
Agency : DM9 DDB (Philippines)
Deutsche-Bahn German-Rail – 2019
“Oregon, USA 1237€
Bavaria, Germany 24€ ”
Source : Cannes Lions Press BRONZE
Agency : Ogilvy, Frankfurt (Germany)

Eng “Elsewhere it's the same! 8 years have passed between these two Cannes Lions campaigns ... the fact remains that the creative idea is identical : no need to go to the other side of the world to find landscapes that can be found at home for less. A comparison presented in both cases as a side-by-side to emphasize the similarity.”

Fr « Certes entre ces deux Cannes Lions de l'eau à coulé sous les ponts... il n'en reste pas moins que l'idée créative est identique : pas la peine d'aller à l'autre bout du monde pour trouver des paysages que l'on peut trouver chez soi pour moins cher. Une comparaison présentée dans les deux cas sous forme de side by side pour bien souligner la similarité. »

Be the judge!

  • Matty

    06.22.2019 - 5:24

    To me, the one on the left is building a picture be merging two pictures while the one to the right is comparing them.

  • Yotlande

    07.02.2019 - 10:18

    Sorry to disagree @Matty, it’s exactly the same idea with a slightly more stylish art direction for Philippines. The AD of the German ad is rougher, more basic (side by side). Too bad that it’s been done before because it’s quite a nice idea.

  • Cannes fan

    07.16.2019 - 22:56

    One is a print ad, one is a data driven marketing campaign using AI to match images. Same idea, but technology has evolved the execution

  • Marc David Biffi

    08.31.2019 - 16:18

    Finding the matching pictures using a few interns on compulsory unpaid overtime yields the same results as using AI. This is a copycat idea, the AI embellishment doesn’t make it better.

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