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Blank edition newspaper / Un Grand-Prix vidé de son originalité?

20 Minutes – 2007
“Freedom of press”
Source : CB News
Ag : La Chose (FR)
Sozcu Daily Newspaper – 2017
“May 19. Press freedom edition”
Source : AP News
Agency : Unknown (Turkey)
An Nahar Lebanon – 2019
“The blank issue”
Source : Cannes press GRAND-PRIX
Agency : Impact BBDO (UAE/Lebanon)

Eng “I surely can't say if it's a copycat or a coincidence but this blank edition of a daily newspaper is clearly something that has been done before. The problem is that Al Nahar just won a Cannes Lions Grand-Prix for this not so new idea. I can understand that the context matters and also the way it's crafted, but is it worth the supreme distinction? Be the judge! I would love to hear your comments on this.”

Fr « Je ne veux surtout pas hurler au plagiat, mais cette édition vierge d'un quotidien est clairement une idée de coup média qui a déjà été faite auparavant. Le problème c'est qu’Al-Nahar vient de remporter un Grand Prix aux Cannes Lions pour cette idée pas si neuve. Je peux comprendre que le contexte compte et aussi la manière dont il a été conçu, mais cela mérite-t-il la distinction suprême? Pour moi c'est non! Jugez vous même! Je suis curieux d'avoir votre avis la dessus... »

Be the judge!

  • fmdelfino

    06.18.2019 - 16:44

    Blank Paper, 2011 in Peru :

  • asdf

    06.18.2019 - 19:36

    Here’s another one:

    The day football disappeared for a sports newspaper in Peru. It won gold in cannes in 2012

  • TheAdButaca

    06.19.2019 - 3:47

    What happend with this Festival?
    Wooh I thought that this resource had only seen him in this iconic Peruvian campaign remembered by several creatives: (“Fight against violence” – Bocón – Agencia Causa – 2011)
    This proves once again that there is no creative requirement on the part of the Cannes jury, where creativity is supposed to be rewarded (something new, innovative, innovative). If practitioners are required at the time of applying for an agency to present a portfolio with ideas that have never been seen before, new, innovative, innovative, that do not use repetitive resources, why do not the same apply to large agencies? ?

  • BS

    06.19.2019 - 15:12

    Bloody Lebanese

  • PCP95

    06.19.2019 - 17:56

    What’s more disgusting is that it was made by a guy from Perú (The original “El Bocon” idea is from Perú) who just took old peruvian ideas and sold them as new in Dubai. Also, this guy came from the agency CIRCUS, that is well known for constantly stealing other people’s work!

  • von Snork

    06.20.2019 - 7:35

    First thought when I saw it: I’ve seen this hundreds of times. It was done back in Sweden in 90’s already

  • Maverik

    06.24.2019 - 8:33

    It was done by An-Anhar itself in the 70’s. The idea is not the paper to be blank, that’s not even an idea, the idea is to have people writing on it. The team should have had a different name and no one would have flinched. Just look at the case study guys.

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