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Constipated Putin / Ils ne se sont pas trop fait suer?

Fiber Colon – 022018
“Releases tensions”
Source : Adeevee
Agency : Dentsu (Ecuador)
Gogaz anti-flatulence medicine – 06-2019
“Stop the rude fart”
Source : Adeevee
Agency : Webtilia Lima (Peru)

Eng “The two ad campaigns for anti gas medicine show a series of portraits of political leaders who try hard not to fart in public. What makes me sweat is that it really looks like a lazy copycat. Don't you think?”

Fr « Les deux campagnes montrent une série de portraits d'hommes politiques qui essaient de se retenir de péter. Et moi, je me retiens... de crier au plagiat! Si ils ont cru que j'en avais rien à péter, c'est raté. »

Be the judge!

  • Salvattore Ressi

    06.14.2019 - 20:45

    One is using a real concept for the idea tho, it can be the same president, but one its obviously a made up design, the other one its a real picture.

  • Joe La Pompe

    06.17.2019 - 10:02

    @salvattore yes it’s a different execution. One is an illustration and the other a photography. But the idea is really identical : the use of a politician, that has hard time to digest. A close-up of a funny face sweating…

  • Gonzalo Paredes

    06.26.2019 - 6:51

    I know both the Art Director (Giuss Valle) and the Creative Director (Jorge Mendoza) and they both have a history in Peru for copying ideas from other places.

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