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Second wave / Une vague ressemblance?

Hawaiian Tropic / Solar Cream 2010
Headline : “Extreme Waterproof”
Source : FIAP Festival BRONZE
Agency : Grey Santiago (Chile)
Nivea sunscreen / Solar Cream2017
Headline : “Waterproof”
Source : Coloribus
Agency :
Team Collaboration (Brazil)

Eng “Curiously, both campaigns are coming from Latin America. The craft is different (CGI and photography vs illustration) but the idea, the wording and the packshot position are 100% the same!”

Fr « Des publicités pour des crèmes solaires « waterproof » qui surfent sur la même vague de la référence biblique. Les deux provenant étrangement d’Amérique du Sud… de quoi en perdre son latin? Personnellement, j’écarterais la piste du hasard complet. »

Be the judge!

  • Ganesh bhojwani

    09.04.2017 - 14:02

    yup. it’s the same copy of the first one.

  • saxena

    09.06.2017 - 16:30

    yeah it’s same like the first one

  • Cocoon

    09.20.2017 - 2:06

    Ideia in the air. Illustration is better

  • Doyle Petterson

    09.21.2017 - 1:29

    If so, put the two ads on Joe La Pompe next to Moses’ trek. Make real Justice!

    Ps: I prefer the illustration. He has humor and cool expressions.

    Sorry :/

  • Joe La Pompe

    09.21.2017 - 9:18

    @Doyle a lot of ads are using biblical symbols especially this one and it’s ok for me. But here they are using it the very same way, making the same joke about sunscreen and its water repellent effect. That’s why I put these face to face.

  • jessvill

    05.30.2018 - 22:41

    both are copies, the original is the ark of Noah

  • jessvill

    05.30.2018 - 22:42


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