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“Masked to unmask copycats.”

idea of traditional kind / Poupée coller?

Volkswagen Golf Variant – 1994
Source : Cannes Lions Archive
Agency : DDB Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
Fiat 500L “More Fiat, more space” – 2017
Source : Coloribus
Creative School :
Miami Ad School (USA)

Eng “I usually don't like to bother students but here the similarity is too blatant to remain silent. This campaign was sent and displayed on famous ad websites this month, (presented as a "ghost" work to be precise). But when you do such thing as a ghost (no rules, free creativity), the minimum is to make something original, don't you think? What is the opinion of the Miami Ad School, I'll be curious to know?”

Fr « En général je n'aime pas trop pointer du doigt les étudiants, mais là c'est trop flagrant! Ils ont un sujet libre (c'est une campagne ghost), pas de vrai client, zéro contraintes... et ils accouchent d'une idée vieille de plus de 20 ans. Alors crapulerie en mode pas vu, pas pris ou manque total de culture pub? »

Be the judge!

  • Julio Sanchez

    06.14.2017 - 16:29

    Hello Joel,

    My name is Julio Sanchez and I art directed this piece. Long story short, I had never seen this Volkswagen ad before. We did our research, but sometimes you just won’t find that precise 23 year old campaign that happens to be quite similar. Yet, the concept feels similar, if you give it another look we have 3 different families that go with the different variants of the car model. As think that you as an advertiser must have been in our position many times by having done cool ideas to then find out they already exist or that someone else came with it before.

  • Joe La Pompe

    06.15.2017 - 14:37

    Hi! My name is Joe not Joel 🙂
    Anyway thanks for the explanations. I totally trust you and I’m sure that you didn’t made a copycat on purpose. But it took me only ten minutes to find out it was already done. Your professors should teach you how to run priority search in a more efficient way. I know that ship happens. It happened to me too. And believe it or not, I published one exemple I’ve done (and realized afterward it was done before) on this site somewhere.

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