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(Not the) First kiss / Deux films Kiss ressemblent

kiss_crashOriginal kiss_crash2016
“No seatbelt, no excuse” TV Commercial 2001
… the guy without the seatbelt did the damage
Source :
Agency : Lyle Bailie International (UK)
Road Safety “The first kiss” TV Commercial – 2016
… the one without the seatbelt did the damage
Source : Coloribus

Agency : Young & Rubicam (South Africa)

Eng “Exactly the same storyline in these two TV commercials, and the same ending... with the same sentence pronounced! There is no doubt that it's a total remake. I must admit that the new one is far better directed. Is it enough to make it appear as new?”

Fr « Deux films à l'histoire et au déroulement en tout points identiques. Alors accident involontaire? Difficile de le croire, car même la phrase prononcée à la fin par l'ambulancier est en tout point identique à celle prononcée dans le 1er spot 15 ans après. »

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  • Hector Eliott

    08.15.2016 - 14:42

    It is a copycat. I should know because I made it. Due to the success of the Irish “Damage” commercial, and its resonance with local audiences in the Western Cape, South Africa, in focus groups and in a survey we conducted, we approached the Dept of the Environment in Belfast about using the same storyline in our own version of the spot. They were happy with the approach and so we set about localising the content and making the story more appealing to Western Cape residents in our core demographic. Remember, we are in the business of saving lives, not selling products, so we don’t have any problem with sharing ideas that work across the global road safety community. Thank you for your interest in the ad! Hector Eliott, Western Cape Department of Transport and Public Works

  • Joe La Pompe

    08.16.2016 - 22:11

    @Hector thanks for the explanations. It makes it clearer to understand what happened.

  • panda

    04.21.2017 - 15:31

    “Hector” is lying. That name is nowhere on the credits, nor does that person work at Y&R. I personally emailed the ECD of the Belfast agency who confirmed they were investigating the plagiarism of the original concept. The whole “we’re in the business of saving lives” is utter bullshit.

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