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Even a blind can see it’s a stolen idea / De briques et de broc?

LegoBraille2014 LegoBraille2016
Lego Braille  2014
« Bringing learning to your fingertips »
Source : JT&Clarissa Online Portfolio

School of Communication Arts project (UK)
Dorina Nowill Foundation Braille Bricks – 2016
Lego blocks turned into a Braille alphabet
Source : Cannes Lions SILVER

Agency : Lew’Lara\TBWA (Brazil)

Eng “Another sad story of student work that is borrowed by a well known agency. It illustrates perfectly the risk of putting your best work online. People with low standards on ethics can pick it for their own use. I'm sure they'll say they never saw it before by the way. Let's hope that this year's Cannes Jury won't be blind.”

Fr « Encore un triste exemple de travail étudiant publié en ligne et pillé par une agence (qui n'a ni crédité ni engagé les créatifs en question). Ils vont certainement plaider l'innocence et l'ignorance sur ce coup comme toujours. En espérant que les jury Cannois ne soient pas aveuglés, comme souvent, par le fait que ce cas provienne d'une grosse agence (qui va certainement dépenser plusieurs briques pour inscrire ses travaux au festival) »

Be the judge!

  • Mirella vd berk

    05.04.2016 - 23:18


    Can you tellen me if I can buy a box with Lego Braille organisatie Braille bricks?
    I have a little son (5 years)who’s been totally blind after camper in huis eyes at the age of almost one year .
    Please Let me know !

    Greetings Mirella
    (From Holland)

  • Singular Devices

    05.16.2016 - 1:04

    Hi, the concept of braille-bricks is not really new, is sold since 1991, it is called tack-tiles.

    Mirella, if you have access to a 3D printer, from here you can download .stl files and print, please share your experience.

  • olga

    11.22.2018 - 4:54

    I need to buy material in Braille in Spanish

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