Joe la Pompe, since 1999

“Masked to unmask copycats.”

Recycling ideas is a child’s play / Mais que fait la police?

Young Director Award 2010
Source : Cannes Lions SILVER & EPICA GOLD 

Agency : TBWA Helsinki (Finland)
Doritos – 2015
Source : Adsoftheworld
Superbowl Competition Finalist (USA)

Eng “Looks like some are capable of doing everything to win the famous Superbowl Doritos competition... even recycle an award winning script from Finland. But for me it was like a child's play to find where the idea was coming from.”

Fr « Chaque année Doritos lance un concours créatif ouvert à tous à l'occasion du Superbowl. Il semblerait que cette année, des petits malins aient tentés de recycler un script finlandais ni vu ni connu... heureusement que Joe est là pour les mettre à l'amende! »

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  • Margot

    02.03.2015 - 2:13

    I was fond of the first one. This one is just so crappy, direction is shit. Awful job

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