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Time to self-exam your creativity? / La ressemblance est palpable!

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Breast Cancer Found. – 2004
“Ladies! If only you checked
your breasts the same way”
Source : Cannes Archive

Agency : McCann (Indonesia)
Breast Cancer Society – 2005
“You’ll check this fruit,
why not your breasts?”
Source : Adeevee
Agency : DDB Toronto 
Olay Breast Cancer Awareness – 2014
“You know when it’s good. Do your
self-exam and help prevent breast cancer”
Source : YouTubeCannes Lions SILVER
Agency : Saatchi & Saatchi 

Eng “It took this idea to mature some years to end up being awarded a Silver Lion! I hope the mexican creative team was "touched" when they received this not so deserved award. It may be time for them to do their own self-exam regarding their ethical way of practicing this job.”

Fr « Il aura fallu que cette idée mûrisse un certain temps avant de finir par être primée. J'aimerais bien savoir combien les créatifs ont "palpé" en primes diverses pour avoir gagné un Lion à Cannes avec une idée tellement peu originale. »

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