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Roddick vs Federer / Nike s’est fait « moucher » par Babolat?

Eng “This lookalike is really killing me! The script is so identical. How an innovative and creative brand such as Nike could do such a lame remake of an existing idea? Federer used to be number one... here he came as number two.”

Fr « Une idée qui a fait mouche deux fois! Si l'agence américaine de Nike a vendu ça comme un concept original c'est vraiment... du raquette! »

Be the judge!

  • Duncan

    05.20.2013 - 17:07

    It’s not exactly an unusual concept, so it’s entirely possible that Nike didn’t know about the older babolat commercial.

    Also, Nike made the ad look far better – Roddick look like he’s just randomly swiping at the fly with things; while Federer looks like a pro tennis player. Also the Nike advert highlights the shoe (which both ads are promoting) much better.

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