Joe la Pompe, since 1999

“Masked to unmask copycats.”

Can I borrow your car (and creative idea) ? / Une idée pas si jeune que ça
State Farm “drive safe program” TV Commercial – 2009
Source : Cannes Lions Archive Film Longlist
Agency : DDB Chicago (USA)
Subaru TV commercial – 2011
Source : Cannes Archive Film Longlist,
Agency : Carmichael Lynch, Minneapolis (USA)

Eng “When a child reaches the age of 16, many parents are shocked to realize that the son or daughter they’ve always thought of as a small child is suddenly old enough to drive. These 2 US TV commercials run on the exact same observation and came up with a very similar creative idea. Both films have been made in the US and broadcasted in the US.”

Fr « Une idée qui, elle non plus, ne fait pas son âge! Étrange coïncidence quand on sait que ces deux films sont sortis (et ont été conçus) dans le même pays. »

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