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A case to teach in creative schools? / Un cas d’école?

chewinggum2006 chewinggum2010
Sportlife Chewing-Gum “Long lasting taste” – 2006
Source : Coloribus
Agency : JWT PPGH Group (The Netherlands)
Stimorol Gums “Longer Flavour, Longer Chew” – 2010
Source : Adsoftheworld,
Agency : Ogilvy Cape Town (South Africa)

Eng “Hard to believe it's a pure coïncidence? This creative lookalike case should be taught in the creative schools. Or maybe the creative team from South Africa should be sent back to school?”

Fr « On ne connaîtra sans doute jamais les dessous (de table) de cette sombre histoire, mais cette idée a un sacré goût de remâché. C'est peut être les créatifs sud-africains qu'il faudrait renvoyer faire leurs classes? »

Be the judge!

  • Greg Rossouw

    11.30.2010 - 15:38

    Creative thought process as follows:

    The chewing gum’s flavour lasts longer – which means you’ll be chewing for longer – which means you won’t dispose of it as frequently – which means areas most common for disposed gum would be empty – what is the most common place to find disposed gum? Under a desk.

    So in terms of concept, it is very easy for two separate parties/agencies to develop the same concept for the same product benefit.

    In terms of execution, they do look the same, because there are very limited different angles to shoot the underside of a desk.

    So your remarks suggesting that it is clearly not a coincidence are unfounded and unfair.

    I find this is often the case for ads shown on this site. We all tread the same creative paths, and we all have the same, if not very similar, products and services to advertise. It is only inevitable that we will come up with the same ideas.

    Be a little more cautious in labeling, or even suggesting that, certain agencies as mere copycats.

    Otherwise your site’s totally cool!

  • joelapompe

    11.30.2010 - 20:16

    Thanks for the comment. I’ agree with you… but a creative can alsoi check that his idea has never been done before. Don’t you ever do that? I do it and it only takes me 10 minutes to find out most of the time…

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