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Eng “A classical ad (Bronze Lion) ripped-off frame by frame... even the car color remained the same. Only some details had changed : the guy is replaced by a sexy girl, and the black man isn't black anymore... very representative of the contemporary state of mind? (not to say more...)”

Fr « Un classique détourné ni vu ni connu? Pompé et recopié quasi plan par plan! ... ils ont "poussé" très loin l'art du recyclage. Apparemment là bas (mais où?) on n'a jamais entendu parler de / Ce qui me gène un peu aussi c'est le fait d'avoir remplacé le rasta par un blanc, et le gros par une bimbo... vraiment pas très classe! »

Be the judge!

  • Louai Alasfahani

    10.22.2010 - 23:57

    No Shame whatsoever?!!!!! 15 years after the awarding of a bronze lion @ the Cannes Lions.

  • Louai Alasfahani

    10.23.2010 - 10:52

    Great catch. There is a Bulgarian version that is 99.99% copy of the original, the only thing they changed is the name of the chocolate bar!!!!!!!!!! I will try to find it and share it with you. the brand name is Morena or Moreny.

  • Amine

    10.23.2010 - 15:21

    le pompage de fou !! comment il peuvent faire ca ? je me demande toujours comment un DC peut valider ce genre de chose !! c’est incroyable !!

  • Ibrahim

    10.23.2010 - 19:18

    I learn from this site many thing,first the lebanese advertising agency do not have pure original ideas,just copycat and paste and sell and gain money. Shame on Lebanese bad ads agency.

  • Ibrahim

    10.23.2010 - 19:51

    I am sure Boom Boom Energy Drink Lunched in 2008 not 2010,i am lebanese citizen.Just correct the Time if you please.

  • Ibrahim

    10.23.2010 - 20:04

    Also the Advertising creates in 2007/2008 during the first lunch in lebanon

  • kasta

    10.26.2010 - 10:17

    Everything in the TV is not original anymore…

    just look at any channel at the best hours (8pm-10pm) and all shows are making parodies and bad copies of something else

    It seems there is no creativity anymore…

  • Louai Alasfahani

    11.16.2010 - 2:01

    I found the Bulgarian version of the same ad. what a shame. it is this ad that skyrocketed the chocolate bar sales in Bulgaria and placed it ahead of its competitors.

  • Nicole

    10.13.2011 - 15:08

    Yet another copy. If I’m not wrong, it’s 1999 Bulgaria.

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