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“Masked to unmask copycats.”

Polar bears floating on european rivers / Bi-Polaire?

polarbear2009 polarbear2010
Eden TV channel “natural history channel” – 2009
Awareness for climate change / Thames River London
Source : Ecorazzi Paperplane (snow marketing)
Agency : Houthouse IWG (United Kingdom)
VARA TV program – 2010
Awareness for climate change / Amsterdam Canals
Source : Adsoftheworld,
Agency : Jack Liberties Amsterdam, (Netherlands)

Eng “European rivers are invaded by polar bears. Each year they seem to crash in a different country, but always in the very same way. Unfortunately for creativity, true originality is melting faster than icebergs these days. Are they running out of "fresh" ideas?”

Fr « Touché... coulé? La seconde opération est un poil (blanc) trop ressemblante à la première. Un "stunt" dont l'originalité fond de plus en plus à chaque apparition? Une dérive inquiétante? »

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