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Oops!…I Did It Again / Oups!… c’était déjà fait

oups2007 oups2009
DHL Courier Service – 2007
Source : Cannes Archive Online
Agency : Jung Von Matt (Germany)
Dash Courier Service – 2009
Source : Adsoftheworld
Agency : Marked for Trade, Charlotte (USA)


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Be the judge!

  • Ernie

    04.25.2009 - 1:51

    I feel stupid for not understanding the DHL one.

  • Joe La Pompe

    04.25.2009 - 11:48

    I think “ups” means “oops, I lost your parcel” or “Oops we are late with your mail” … it means with UPS there is always problems to be sorry for. But maybe I’m wrong… Is that it?

  • alex

    04.25.2009 - 20:14

    maybe it simply means lack of care during transportation, messing up everything inside the package, as shown by the quotation marks.

  • Eliane

    04.27.2009 - 19:39

    The first version is already very similar to the Olay skin cream series that used the bottles as quotation marks. UPS should reconsider the brown color… Not inspiring for anyone…

  • dan

    04.28.2009 - 17:20

    It’s to do with the typography, the quote marks are the wrong way round

  • jcp

    05.02.2009 - 15:33

    i think this ad is meant for germany only. in german “ups” means “oops” and the quotation marks are right. that’s how they are written in german. still i think, this on advertises more for ups than dhl. not a good one imho.

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