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Agora Newspaper – 2008
Tagline : « Only what interests you »
Agency : W (Brazil)
Tribuna Newspaper – 2012
Tagline : « Only what interests you »
Agency : CCZ Curitiba (Brazil)

EN : There's no need to speak portuguese to understand that it's a pure copycat! The strangest thing is that both campaigns came from the very same country... anyone knows more about this mysterious case?

FR : Pas la peine de parler le portugais pour comprendre que ces deux pubs sont totalement identiques! Le plus étrange (voir incompréhensible) c'est que ces deux campagnes sont sorties, certes à 4 ans d'intervalle, mais dans le même pays!


[...] campanhas vêm do mesmo país… alguém sabe mais sobre esse caso misterioso?”, pergunta o Joe La Pompe, especializado em publicar ideias similares encontradas na publicidade. Alguém sabe? O comercial [...]

Dear Mr. La Pomp,

we are astonished by the discovery of this piece of work from Jornal A Tribuna (The Tribune Journal). As agency of Jornal Agora until 2006, W/Brasil created the original TV spot. Washignton Olivetto, former president of W/Brasil and current Chairman of WMcCann is used to be honnored with pieces that make reference to his work. However, this time, he says: « They say immitation is a form of tribute. This time it they may have exagerated in the tribute ».

Mônica Charoux
Communications Director for McCann in Latin America

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