Disturbed Pilot / Y’a t’il un pilote dans l’avion?

Ideas stolen on the web, Special Pages

pilotesweb.jpg THE ORIGINAL?
Picture found on the web – 1998
pilotes2000.jpg LESS ORIGINAL
Yashica Cameras – 2000
Source : Shortlisted at Cannes Festival,
Agency : George Patterson BATES (Australia)
pilotes2005.jpg LESS ORIGINAL
Weishaeupl Sausages  – 2005
« There’s always time for delicious sausages ».
Source : Cannes Lions Archive,
Agency : JUNG von MATT (Germany)

The print ad for George Patterson Bates was actually produced in 1998, ran in 1999 and entered in 2000. So not less orginal. The person that did the retouching on the Yashica ads had this example on his website in 1998.
So…the 1998 and 2000 versions came out the same time.
Please ammend.

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