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Remote controled videogame / Daddy (pas) cool!

Schneider Electric TV Commercial – 2014
“It’s never been easier to remote control
your home”
Source : Coloribus

Agency : Being Paris (France)
Bouygues FlexHome TV Commercial – 2018
“Whether at home or away, I can drive my home
with one finger.
Source : YouTube
Agency : Gyro Paris (France)

Eng “In these two commercials, a father remotely switches off the family television and turns off the video game of his son... in order to save money and avoid extra energy costs. Both films were shown on television in the same country!”

Fr « Dans ces deux spots de pub, un père contrôle à distance l'allumage de la télévision familiale et éteint le jeu vidéo de son fils pour économiser de l'argent sur sa facture d'électricité. Deux films sortis en France à quelques années d'intervalle. »

Be the judge!

  • John

    06.04.2018 - 17:29

    C’est dégueulasse de pomper comme ça ! C’est contre natureuh !

  • Mike

    06.04.2018 - 23:23

    this two ideas are totally different, one is about a father who want’s to save money, and the other is about a father who is showing his new gadget to his coworkers. Even the narrative is deferent, the second one plays with the surprise at the end. The only thing they bout had in common is the father/son/video game and the product they are selling. That definitely is not enough for call it a copy.

  • Joe La Pompe

    06.05.2018 - 9:51

    @Mike – Both TV commercial ran in France, the product is similar (an automation app for saving money on energy costs) and the action (a father switching off his son’s videogame from a distance) is similar. But you’re right the storytelling, the narrative way is a bit different. I just find it hard to believe it’s totally coincidental…

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