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Same creative idea rebuilt / Reconstruction à l’identique?

buildtorebuild2014 buildtorebuild2016
Lego (Student work)  2014
“Build for those who lost everything
Money raised goes to NGOs to help victims.
Source : Just Creative Ads

Creative School : Ontario College of Arts (Canada)
Lego (Student work) – 2016
“Playing to rebuild the life of those who
lost everything”. Money raised for NGOs.
Source : One Show MERIT AWARD

Creative School : Escola Cuca (Brazil)

Eng “I usually don't like to point out student work, but I must admit that idea theft is widespread in creative schools and sometimes it has to be said. Young creative of the copy-paste generation should not think that their teatchers are not capable of finding out their inspiration sources. They also know how to use internet, don't they?”

Fr « En général je n'aime pas démolir les travaux des étudiants, mais il faut admettre qu'il y a un parfois un problème d'éthique dans cette génération copier-coller qui croit qu'elle peut piquer impunément un truc sur le net sans que ses professeurs (ni les jurys créatifs visiblement) ne s'en rendent compte. »

Be the judge!

  • Luis Paulo Gatti

    06.08.2016 - 19:02

    I am a teacher in cuca and I saw when the students created this campaign. Is a coincidency and congrats the another school, this idea is fantastic. Maybe What booth schools need to do is sell this project to Lego. More important than who think first is really help persons in that situation.

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