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Recycling is child play / Au bout du rouleau?

streettape2008 streettape2011b
Matchbox Street Tape (Direct Marketing) – 2008
Source : AdLand, DesigninMains
AD :  Daniel Schweinzer (Germany)
Hot Wheels Track Tape (Direct Marketing) – 2011
Source : Cannes Lions SHORTLIST
Agency : Ogilvy (Mexico)

Eng “An adhesive tape that transforms any place into a road... nice idea, but unfortunately done before in Germany 3 years ago by a very talented student that wasn't lucky enough to get the Cannes Lions Shortlist he deserved.”

Fr « Les créatifs Mexicains sont au bout du rouleau au point de piquer des idées d'étudiants allemands? Véritable sortie de route ou collision accidentelle? En tout cas c'est assez scotchant de voir ces deux réalisations côte à côte. »

Be the judge!

  • Herbert

    12.15.2011 - 19:07

    Mattel owns HotWheels and Matchbox, therefore it is highly conceivable that the HotWheels client mandated the work to be replicated. I know I once worked for Mattel

  • Arvind

    12.22.2011 - 8:53

    Is this a case of better-brand bias??

  • Herbert

    10.26.2012 - 17:15

    I wonder if it was stolen from the student or if he just didn’t get the recognition while working for the brand.

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