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search2011McCannRomania search2013 search2013racism
Rom (Kandia Dulce) – 2011
Source : Cannes SILVER LION
Agency : McCann (Romania)
United Nations Unwomen – 2013
Source : Adsoftheworld
Agency : Ogilvy Dubaï (UAE)
Anti Racism – 11/2013
Source : Osocio
Agency : ? (Australia)

Eng “I've also done my little "search" on google, and it immediately suggested me that this idea was done more than once! The autocomplete feature of google is used in the very same purpose in these 3 anti-prejudice ads.”

Fr « Difficile de préjuger qu'il s'agît d'une copie... et pourtant il y a quand même des éléments troublants. Quoiqu'on puisse en penser, c'est trois fois là même utilisation des suggestions de résultats google utilisés pour lutter contre les préjugés. Une rapide recherche en ligne permet facilement de se rendre compte que ces 3 annonces ont le même "moteur" sous le capot. »

Be the judge!

  • Samantha

    04.01.2014 - 8:50

    The autocomplete is NOT used in the very same purpose, it’s completely different! if anything it was used more powerfully in un women campaign, they were real shocking facts no one knew about women! How can anyone refute the truth? and best of all everyone could test them whichever country they were in. Sorry but a search bar is real world inspiration, and just because it was used on a candy wrapper in romania doesn’t mean it does not still bear power to create real change and conversation, on a global scale, which is what was achieved. Let’s not be so trigger happy to blame and actually make educated assessments when looking at pieces of work.

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