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“Masked to unmask copycats.”

Fresh ingredients but outdated idea / Mamma Mia!

italia2009b italia2013
Sydney Food Festival – 2009
Source : Cannes Archive
Agency : Whybin \TBWA (Australia)
International Sanborns Gourmet Festival – 2013
Source : Adsoftheworld
Agency : Grey Dot (Mexico)

Eng “First of all, I would say that making a flag out of food isn't a fresh idea at all. I've seen this numerous times. It's quite queasy and hard to swallow that professional creatives can came up with such an idea in 2013. I's an old concept and it was done in a completely similar way only 4 years ago.”

Fr « C'est absolument écœurant de ressemblance. Cette idée a tellement été vue et revue que c'est même difficile à avaler qu'on continue à nous la resservir en 2013. Bref, une recette créative complètement avariée? »

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