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Double Line / Sur la même ligne!

linepushup1998.jpg linewonderbra2008.jpg
“safety line” Marvel Push-Up Bra – 1998
Source : Cannes Archive Online,
Agency : DDB Sydney (Australia)
“safety line” Wonderbra, Ambient – 2007
Source : Adsoftheworld,
Agency :  Euro RSCG (Singapore)


Fr « Si c'est une copie, ils ont dépassé la ligne rouge. Quoiqu'il en soit, les auteurs de celle de droite ont un train de retard! »

Be the judge!

  • Musashi

    04.17.2008 - 11:47

    There is one big difference :

    The original is just an ad, the new man is a big street marketing campain. Even the second brand didn’t get the idea first it was really smart to apply it for real 😉

  • adrian an

    10.11.2008 - 19:22

    i’m the creator of the original idea and would like to say that it was originally conceived as an ambient idea however the australian rail authority didn’t approved it and considered it as public vandalism so it ran as a railway poster. you can then say that the original is pretty much in context as per the new. I also wonder how it was possible to run the the new as it’s shown in the singapore mrt station as the singapore rail authority would never approve it as it would have deemed it vandalism and everyone in singapore knows what happens to you if you get caught vandalizing public properties. I’d also think the consequence would be much greater if the offender is a major corporation such as wonderbra.

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