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Such a pain / Une idée pub qui ne vaut plus un clou?

Geniol Anti-Headaches 1927
“Cut the pain” / Point-of-sale ad
Agency : unknown (Uruguay)
Migraleve Anti-Headache 1998
Source : Coloribus
Agency :
M&C Saatchi (UK)
Bayer Aspirin – 2016
“Don’t let the pain go too far”
Agency :
Revision (Russia)

Eng “The first one was a point-of-sale statue used to promote a famous anti-headache medication. Old illustrated posters with the same idea ran in Argentina back in the 20's. A visual advertising metaphor that is more than a hundred years old!”

Fr « Quoi qu'on en dise c'est douloureusement identique. En Russie, certaines agences n'hésitent pas à nous resservir des idées visuelles vieilles de plus d'un siècle! Est-ce suffisant pour les clouer au pilori? Je le crois. »

Be the judge!

  • Ryan

    03.29.2017 - 6:44

    The third poster is more of a reference to Hellraiser than the second.

  • Guillermo Castañeira

    04.10.2017 - 18:36

    Sorry, but the first one “el valero de Geniol” is from Uruguay, not Argentina.

  • Joe La Pompe

    04.19.2017 - 10:54

    @Guillermo sorry for the mistake, I corrected the info. Thanks very much, your help is appreciated.

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