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(Bird) Shit Happens / Merde alors!

car-wash-bird-shit-2008 car-wash-bird-shit-2016
Metalico Car-Wash 2008
Source : Coloribus
Agency : Dentsu Sao Paulo (Brazil)
Red Elephant Car-Wash – 2012
Source : Adsoftheworld

Agency : Rebrander, Belgrade (Serbia)

Eng “A fake bird poop used to advertise a car wash center. The real joke here is to try to make us believe that this is a new idea!”

Fr « Merde alors, ça a déjà été fait! C’est du propre. La vraie blague c’est d’avoir essayé de nous faire croire que l’idée était neuve. Décidément, du côté de la Serbie on essaie de nous prendre pour des pigeons. »

Be the judge!

  • Miroslav Vujovic

    11.27.2016 - 18:08

    The idea from the right is mine, it’s from 2012. There are similarity but I haven’t seen the idea from the left never before.

  • Joe La Pompe

    11.28.2016 - 13:09

    @Miroslav ok thanks for your comment. It was posted on adsoftheworld in 2016 that’s why I made the mistake. I’ll correct it. I believe you, but you could have run a priority search. It was easy to find out it was already done!

  • Miroslav Vujovic

    11.29.2016 - 1:01

    I made priority search all around the net and haven’t find anything similar to this idea. I’m sorry if someone think I copied his idea, I was 100% sure I came up first with this. It happened to me many times that someone stole my ideas and I’m fighting against that all my life.

  • Miroslav Vujovic

    11.29.2016 - 1:02

    Look at this guy. He even copied the shape of my leaflet

  • Derek Redican

    03.09.2017 - 13:00

    Second version is done better. No harm in a previously done idea inspiring a new version of it.
    Same as doing a cover version of a song.
    Nobody owns ideas, only the intellectual property of actual executions of them.

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