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Beer Belly / Une campagne qui aurait du faire un bide?

beerbelly_2011 beerbelly2016
Akzia anti-drinking campaign– 2011
“Excessive comsumption of beer affects
masculinity…” /
Source : Coloribus
Agency : M&C Saatchi Moscow (Russia)
Bergedorfer Beer  2016
“Brewed with love”
Source : Cannes Lions SILVER

Agency : Jung Von Matt Hamburg (Germany)

Eng “A pregnant man is not a very fresh idea in advertising. But it's quite funny to see that the very same visual trick (you think he's pregnant but he is not) can be used for totally different purpose : an anti-drinking campaign or a beer advertisement. Only one of these gave birth to a Cannes Lion.”

Fr « Une campagne qui aurait du faire un bide... et pourtant elle vient de donner naissance à un Lion d'argent au festival de Cannes. Ce qui est amusant c'est de voir que la même idée (fausse piste) visuelle permet de faire la publicité de deux annonceurs totalement opposés (une campagne contre l'alcoolisme et une pour promouvoir une marque de bière!) »

Be the judge!

  • roberpol

    06.27.2016 - 18:03

    Same image, different concept. I think.
    But it’s true, only typing “pregnant man ad” in Google and you will see. By the way, I remember a similar image use in Argentina for a print ad to celebrate mother’s day a long time ago…

  • Joe La Pompe

    06.27.2016 - 18:51

    @roberpol It’s not only the fact that the man is pregnant (I can find 10 campaigns with this idea) but the fact that we think he is… but he isn’t. Because he just drinks too much beer.

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