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Image de prévisualisation YouTube Image de prévisualisation YouTube
Opel TV Commercial – 02/2012
Source : Coloribus
Agency : Scholz & Friends Hamburg (Germany)
Chevrolet TV commercial – 08/2012
Source : YouTube
Agency : Salles Chemistri (Brazil)

EN : Isn't it strange that 2 different car brands use the same idea the same year? Both belong to General Motors group, so maybe it's been done on purpose? To reduce the creative costs? Strange because the agencies are different...What's your explanation?

FR : Encore une idée qui, "manque de pot", a été repompée. Ça la fout mal pour deux marques de voitures différentes. À moins que ce ne soit un coup de General Motors (dont les deux marques font partie) pour réduire les coûts? Explication un peu fumeuse...


The creatives of the german ad are actually Brazilian and exposed this work in Brazilian ad sites. Just to add up.

The Opel brand doesn’t exist in Brazil, it’s equivalent is Chevrolet. Maybe it was a top-down decision by the client to use the same approach, makes sense actually.

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