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Juicy Couture Fashion Store / Summer collection – 2011
Source : JuicyCouture
Agency : Unknown (Brazil)
Renner Department Store – 2011
Source : Renner
Agency : Paim Comunicaçao (Brazil)

EN : I have very little information about which one popped up first... but the lookalike is strikening! You can play "spot the differences" game for hours with these two ads.

FR : Je ne sais pas très bien laquelle est sortie en premier, mais il est évident que la source d'inspiration de ces deux images est la même. À ce niveau de ressemblance, on pourrait jouer au jeu des 7 erreurs pendant des heures.


I really like your blog ! I just start one, maybe you will like it


That is just plain weird

Renner ‘s agency is Paim – http://www.paim.com.br.

Both are a copy of a Replay catalog from 2007 or 08.

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