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Muhlehalde – A place to help blind people – 2009
Headline « Threatened animals are not the only ones
in need of donations ».
Source : EPICA Awards
Agency : Ruf Lanz Zurich (Switzerland)
Fundacion Par – to help people with disabilities – 2010
Headline : « People with disabilities are not so hot
in the news as panda bears, but they also need your help ».
Source : Adsoftheworld
Agency : McCann Erickson (Argentina)

EN : 2010 will remain the "year of the Panda" in advertising. I've never seen so many ads refering to these lovely animals (not to mention the world famous "never say no to a Panda"). Anyway these two are really identical : people with disabilities wear Panda suits to claim that they're not in the spotlight but they need attention too.

FR : Le Panda n'est pas une éspèce en voie d'extinction... tout du moins dans la publicité! On n'aura jamais autant vu ces sympathiques animaux que ces dernières années où ils sont devenus des vedettes incontestées (l'exemple le plus fameux étant la campagne "Never say no to a Panda" qui a triomphé aux EPICA awards). Ici, même déguisée, on se rend compte que c'est exactement la même idée!


c’est bien que l’on parle de ces espèces en voie de disparition, si on ne le faisait pas ce serait une catastrophe !
Une bonne année à tous le monde et plein de bonnes choses

Le lien?
Les suisses pompent les suisses, McCann pompe McCann… Chenapan(da)s!

This is not true. I liked that ad so much the first time I saw it ( , so I wanted to check if this was true.
I went to the source you cited, the official site of Epica Awards and Muhlehalde campaign doesn´t exist, it is not there as it says here. Actually the only place you can find this ad is here and in other pages that made copy-paste of this site.

This is the link of Epica Awards 2009 official site for you to check this information yourself:

The link that ludo is sharing here is for a print ad released after this ones here (

Please check this information before you say this kind of lies to us.

@MC I saw it into the EPICA awards « longlist » that’s why you don’t see it on the EPICA’s site because they only showcase the winners. So I don’t lie, when I don’t know when an ad comes from I just don’t know… I don’t pretend

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