Mowing cows / Vachement ressemblant?

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tondeuse05_2010binsfeldLUX tondeuse2009
Milk producers of Lux. – Early 2008
Source :
Agency : Binsfeld (Luxembourg)
Viking Lawn Mowers « Nothing cut the grass better »  – 03/2009
Source : Cannes Archive Online,
Agency : Publicis Conseil Paris (France)

EN : What a Cow-incidence... actually I really think it's not a copycat, because the ad from Luxembourg was not widely spread on the internet and award shows. Anyway it's funny because it's the exact same cow type and the same lawn mower too.

FR : Ah la vache! Même modèle de tondeuse et même (modèle?) de ruminant... Au final ça donne vraiment deux annonces drôlement "tond" sur "tond"!


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Wow these pictures are awesome. Gread ad.

Petit détail important à préciser: notre campagne était dans la presse début 2008 et non en 2010 ;)

Faudrait que le site MediaBlips corrige aussi la date. En tout cas merci Joelapompe pour la rectification sur votre site :-)

bad copycat. i really hate lack of ideas.

I’d have thought Tropicana is new/old shitstain of a logo would have gotten worst identity?- If your complete brand is compelled to go again to your past come to feel, the people today who created it need to really suck.

thanks for an excellent post. bookmarked and will come back for sure.

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