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Not so new beetle / Pas si brillant que ça

cox2007 cox2008
BP Superwash / Car wash – 05/2007
Source : Cannes Archive Online, AdLand,
Agency : Ogilvy Cape Town (South Africa)
Amway Car Polish “Shine like new” – 12/2008
Source : Adsoftheworld,
Agency : Dentsu Young & Rubicam Bangkok (Thailand)


Fr « Une idée assez brillante pour être reprise deux fois! À chaque apparition elle paraît "comme neuve"... »

Be the judge!

  • bouledegomme

    02.19.2009 - 7:45

    … et il y’a aussi la pub télé pour la radio belge Classic 21 :

  • justinoz

    02.25.2009 - 22:13

    while superficially similar the ideas behind these ads seem different and so are not twins that recycle same pic for same message.

    the one ad has the car coming out of the carwash greener than it went in – ecofriendly message.

    the other ad is for what seems to be a quick drying or waterless car polish.

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